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A datasource is a logical construct that intends to act as a storage location. By default when a user creates an organization, a default datasource with the type of Pixelbin Storage is created for that organization.

This Pixelbin Storage is the default file upload location.

In addition, users if required, instead of directly uploading files and then applying transformations, can store the original files in external storage and point our service to it. After which whenever the user wants to apply transformations of some sort, our service will fetch the file from that external storage and transform it.

Using a datasource will give you absolute control over the storage of your files. Currently, you can supply them through an AWS S3 bucket, an Azure blob storage container, a Dropbox storage, a Firebase storage, an FTP server, using a Google cloud storage bucket, a Google drive folder or through a URL endpoint. Many more storages are being planned.

On the PixelBin Platform, you can create and configure a datasource. Moreover, you can search for all your datasources and edit them on the datasources list page.

PixelBin supports the following types of datasources:

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