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Configuring a Datasource

On the PixelBin Platform, you can create and configure multiple datasources.

To check all your configured datasources, go to the Zones page and click on the Datasources button.

Datasources List Page

A datasource by the name of Default is already created for an organization. This datasource points to the PixelBin Storage library and is linked to the Default zone.

An organization can only have a maximum of 20 datasources at any given time.

Creating a Datasource

  1. Navigate to Zones > Datasources and click on Create Datasource.
    'Create Datasource' button click
  2. Enter a name for the datasource. The name should comprise alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores.
  3. Select a Datasource Type.
  4. After selecting a datasource type, enter the input values specific to that datasource. Ensure that the datasource is accessible from the internet.
  5. Click Save.
    Create Datasource Form

The above example is for a URL Datasource. Click here to see how to configure datasources for other types.

You've successfully configured a datasource.

Editing a Datasource

Once you create a datasource, it will appear in the list of datasources. You can click on an existing datasource and edit its details when required.

At any point in time, you can change the name of the datasource, its type and its credentials.


You cannot edit the Default datasource.

Click Save once you're done editing the details.

Deleting a Datasource

You can at any point in time delete a created datasource. But you won't be able to delete it if a zone is connected to it.


You cannot delete the Default datasource.

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