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Each PixelBin organization has some limits on the functioning and use of PixelBin features.


These limits are non-adjustable and cannot be changed for each individual user or organization. These limits are per organization.

General limits

Max file limits allowed in a bulk operation5000 files or 5GB total size
Max number of transformations in a preset15
Max datasources
(including default datasource)
Max zones
(including default zone)
Max tokens50

Upload limits

Certain limitations apply based on the type of file uploaded, such as restrictions on image transformation dimensions, which are a limitation of the underlying image format.

Size limits

Max image upload size25MB
Max non-image upload size150MB
Max image resolution
(width x height; for example 1000 x 1000 = 1MP)
Max image height10000px
Max image width10000px
Transformation Step Limits

Upload limits are also applicable in transformation results at every step.

For example, when using the t.resize(...) chained transformation, the result of the t.resize transformation cannot exceed the limits mentioned above, otherwise, the transformation will throw an error.

File type limits

All PixelBin transformation capabilities are geared toward image files, but in general, any file type can be uploaded, managed, and delivered.

Some files, however, cannot be used with PixelBin. This is done to safeguard our service and users from potentially hazardous files, executable files, or formats used to propagate malware.

The following file extensions are rejected:

action, app, bat, cmd, command, cpl, csh, gadget, inf1, ins, inx, ipa, isu, job, jse, ksh, msc, msi, msp, mst, osx, out, paf, pif, prg, ps1, reg, rgs, run, shb, shs, u3p, vb, vbe, vbs, vbscript, workflow, ws, wsf

The following file mime types are rejected:

application/bat, application/x-bat, application/cpl+xml, application/x-csh, text/x-csh, application/x-makeself, text/x-erlang, application/x-ms-installer, application/x-windows-installer, application/x-msi, application/x-ole-storage, text/x-stex

Transformation limits

The constraints on images are also determined by the type of transformations that will be made to them.


Transformations can be applied only on jpeg, png & webp images.

Remove Artifacts af.removeinput should be less than 3000x3000px
Erase Background erase.bginput should be less than 5000x5000px
Detect Number Plate numPlate.detectinput should be less than 5000x5000px
Upscale Image sr.upscalefor t:2x parameter, input should be less than 2500x2500px
Upscale Image sr.upscalefor t:4x parameter, input should be less than 1500x1500px
Upscale Image sr.upscaleinput should be above 64x64px
Remove Watermark wm.removeinput should be less than 2400x2400px
AWS Moderation awsRek.moderationinput should be less than 5MB
AWS DetectLabels awsRek.detectLabelsinput should be less than 5MB
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