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Add-ons are third-party services that extend the capabilities of PixelBin and let you perform advanced operations on your assets.

Add-ons are optional and each organization can only configure each addon once.

PixelBin currently supports the following third-party services:

  1. RemoveBG
  2. AWS Rekognition
  3. Google Vision
  4. Vertex AI
Add-ons List Page


There are two ways to provision an add-on:


  • You sign up with the required service and provide PixelBin with the required API credentials.
  • This approach will cost you minimal charges based on the usage of the add-on.

PixelBin Managed

  • You don't sign up with the required service and let PixelBin manage the add-on for you.
  • This approach will cost you significantly more than the self-managed approach.

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