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Caching Rules

PixelBin follows some pre-determined rules regarding the caching of the transformed and original files.

  1. When utilizing PixelBin Storage to store and deliver files, the original versions of the files are kept there permanently.
  2. PixelBin has no control over the original copies of the files when it uses your server or storage as a datasource to deliver files.
  3. PixelBin caches the files at two levels: PixelBin's internal cache and at the CDN.
  4. For PixelBin's internal cache when a file is requested via a CDN URL, there are two scenarios depending on the storage used.
    1. If PixelBin Storage is used, then both the original and transformed versions of the file are typically stored indefinitely.
    2. If external storage is used, then only the transformed file is stored. This ensures that there are fewer requests made to your server or storage for a specific transformation.
  5. PixelBin caches a copy of every original and transformed file at the CDN regardless of whether the original copy is kept at PixelBin Storage or external storage. The CDN caches each URL for a maximum of six hours. This is done to ensure quick delivery of your files.

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