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Billing and Payments

The Billing & Payments section gives you an overview of your current plan, details about your billing cycle, and a detailed view of your plan usage.

My Plan

To view my plan:

  1. Click on the Setting icon, to navigate to the Settings page.

    Settings Icon
  2. Click on Billing & Payments from the left navigation pane.

    Billing & Payments Icon
  3. The My Plan tab will show your current billing plan and your detailed usage.

    Active Plan
    Credits Details

Change Plan

Follow the below steps to change your current PixelBin plan.

Change Plan
  1. Click on the Change Plan button on the My Plan tab.
  2. Select the Subscription Plans type as Monthly or Yearly.
  3. Select the specific plan and click the Upgrade Now button.
  4. Click on the Buy Button.
  5. Enter all the mandatory Details and then click on the Buy button.


This section will show your generated invoices by month.

My Cards

To add a new card:

  1. Click on the Add New Card button.

    Add New Card Button
  2. Enter all the mandatory Details of the new card and then click on the Add Card button.

    Enter New Card Details

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