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Getting Started

Sign in with PixelBin

Follow the following steps to sign in and get started with PixelBin

  1. Once you are on PixelBin’s sign-up page, click on the Sign-up tab.

    Click Sign up
  2. Create an account by providing details such as first name, last name, your preferred email id and password. Then click on Sign-up. You will receive an email confirmation in your email.

    Click Sign up Button
  3. You will reach your welcome page where you need to fill in a few details if you want or else you can simply skip it.

    In case you want to fill in, certain pieces of information need to be provided by the user.

    • Mention your phone number with your country code.
    • Select the drop-down button and choose the preferred number of images you need to process every month.
    • Select the drop-down button and select the right choice of why you exactly would like to use PixelBin.
    Enter Details

Set Up your Account

The user can now configure their account and set it up as per their preference.

  1. Choose your option of set-up

    You will get two options for your set-up either Individual or Enterprise. Choose your preferred option and move on to the next,

  2. Industry type

    The user can choose the preferred industry type from the drop-down options and describe the site or app for which they will be using PixelBin.

    Select Industry Type

Once done with all of these steps, the user can finally click on the continue button below.

The following video demonstrates how to sign up with PixelBin.

Upload an image and transform it

You have now reached the dashboard of PixelBin. You can start using the tool by first uploading your images.

Follow the following steps to upload images from the dashboard.

  1. Go to the Storage tab.

    Storage tab
  2. Click on the upload button and select your source. You will get 4 source options: Files, folders, zip files & URL, select your preferred source and upload your images.

    Select Source
  3. Once the Image is uploaded you can click on the menu option given on the image and select transform and start transforming your images.

    Select Transformation
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