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Trim an image

Trim transformation allows users to remove the excess borders or whitespace around an image. This is done to make the image more visually appealing or to remove any unwanted background elements from the image. It improves its composition and visual appeal, by removing any distractions or unwanted elements from the image.

The user can cut off the edges of an image and trim it a little bit. The threshold number regulates the number of pixels to be cut down from all the edges of an image. This transformation helps in subtracting the borders of an image automatically.

If the result of this operation would trim an image to nothing then no change is made.


Threshold (t)

The range for this parameter is from 1 to 500, with 10 being the default.

The original image had a nearly solid background with the object in the center. On applying the transformation, the background is trimmed leaving the central object in focus.
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