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Flatten an image

Flatten transformation allows users to merge all visible layers of an image into a single layer. Users can merge an alpha transparency channel, if any, with a background, then remove the alpha channel. However, it is important to note that flattening an image is a destructive process, as it removes the individual layers and makes it more difficult to edit or modify the image later on.

After the image is flattened, it has the same appearance it had before. The difference is that all of the image contents are in a single layer without transparency. If there are any areas which are transparent through all of the layers of the original image, the background color is visible.

This operation makes significant changes to the structure of the image. It is normally only necessary when you would like to save an image in a format which does not support levels or transparency (an alpha channel).


Background (b)

The background color for the image.

Uses a hex value to determine the background color. The default value is black.

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