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Blur an image

Applies Gaussian blur of a given blur radius in float.


Sigma (s)

Sigma of the Gaussian mark. s is an alias of this parameter.

When used without parameters, performs a fast 3x3 box blur (equivalent to a box linear filter). When a sigma is provided, performs a slower, more accurate Gaussian blur.

A value between 0.3 and 100, where sigma = 1 + radius / 2.

DPR (dpr)

Specifies device pixel ratio. dpr is an alias for this parameter.

Valid values are between 0.1 and 5, with the default value being 1 and floating point numbers are valid parameters. This acts as a multiplier for both width and height. width=200&height=300&dpr=2 is equivalent to width=400&height=600.

This makes it easy to specify an image with the correct resolution when using the srcset attribute of the img tag.

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