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Detect watermarks in an image

Detect Watermarks transformation allows users to determine whether an image is watermarked.

This transformation supports png, jpeg, jpg, webp, cr2, nef, rw2, dng, orf, raw, heic, heif, avif, tiff and tif type of files.

The result of Detect Watermark is a JSON, as shown below:

"attributes": {
"watermark": false

The JSON key is explained in the below table:

watermarkA boolean value indicating whether or not the image contains a watermark.

Instead of getting the output in a traditional CDN URL, you will get a JSON output from the Context API while the CDN URL will return the original image without any modifications.


Detect (detect_text)

Detect Watermarks also works if the watermark in the image is in text format.

The default value is false.

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