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Generate Background using AI

Generate AI Background transformation allows users to generate an AI background scene around the main foreground object based on the text prompt.

The dimension of the output image will always be 512x512px. Upscale Resolution can be used to improve image quality.


Background prompt (p)

Describe the background you want to generate. The value needs to be base64 encoded when directly used in the URL. You can describe the input in plain text.

The default value is a sandy beach with blue sky on a sunny day.

Focus (f)

Whether to focus on the product or the background. Background focus would alter the image object to suit the background. Product focus would not alter the object.

Available values are Product and Background. The default is Product.

Product: The product option helps to minimize the distortion in the foreground object.

Background: The background mode works better for certain objects like cars, and other simple objects.

Prompt: a realistic forest behind a plain field of grass


Same background prompt with different focus value will generate different outcome.

Negative prompt (np)

The negative prompt helps to filter out the specific items that you do not want to be present in the image.

Seed (s)

An integer to randomize or fix the generated outputs. Change the seed value to generate different backgrounds for the same text prompt.

The default seed is 123. The minimum seed you can set is 1, and the maximum is 1000.

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