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AI Background Generator

This transformation allows the user to generate a background scene around the main foreground object with a given textual description (or text prompt) of the required scene.

The resolution (height and width) of the generated image will always be 512x512px. For generating larger images, Upscale Image transformation can be used.


Background Prompt (p)

Describe the background scene in words that you want to generate. The value needs to be encoded in base64 when used directly in the URL. You can describe the input in plain text.

Focus (f)

This parameter decides whether to focus on the product or the background. Available values are Product and Background.

The default is Product.

Background focus might alter the object characteristics like shape, size, or boundary to fit the background scene. Product focus would not alter the object characteristics.

The Product focus helps to minimize any unintended outgrowth of the foreground object in the generated image.

The Background focus may generate better backgrounds for objects like cars, and other simple objects.


Same background prompt with different focus value will generate different outcome.

Negative prompt (np)

The negative prompt may help to avoid certain items, attributes, styles, or visual preferences that you do not want in the generated background.

Seed (s)

A number (default is 123) influencing the generated background. Change it for varied results. Pick any number from 1 to 1000.

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