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The search functionality allows you to navigate over all the uploaded assets.

There are two types of searches available:

  1. Basic Search
  2. Advanced Search

In the basic search, files and folders will be displayed for the respective search.

Type the file or folder name in the search option. As you type the name, the files and folders that match will appear in the My Library section.

Basic Search Option

In the advanced search, you can filter by file type, upload date, and size of the file. All the files matching the respective search will be displayed.

Follow the gif and the below steps to perform the advanced search:

Advanced Search
  1. Click on the Advanced Search Icon.
  2. Select the File Type from the dropdown.
  3. Select the Upload Date from the dropdown.
  4. Enter Minimum Size and Maximum Size respectively, and select the KB/MB option.
  5. Click on the Apply option.
  6. All the files matching the respective search will be displayed in the library.
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