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Save To Folder

You can apply transfomations to your images and save them directly to your PixelBin storage rather than downloading them in a zip file.

It will throw an error if no files are found to perform the bulk operation. This is usually the case if empty folders are selected.

Bulk Operation Limits
  • Bulk operations can be performed on a maximum of 300 files (including files in folders).
  • The total size of all the selected files combined cannot exceed 5 GB.

Create save to folder job

To save the transformed contents in a folder:

  1. Select the required files and folders using the checkbox.

  2. Click on Transform button from the bottom popup panel.

    Transform Button Click
  3. This will open the transformation panel. Apply either individual transformations or predefined presets by clicking on the + icon button.

    Transformation Panel
    Applied Transformation Limit

    You can only apply at most 15 transformations or presets in total.

  4. After applying your desired transformations/presets, click on Save to folder to open the folder selection panel.

  5. Select the destination folder or create a new folder if needed.

  6. Finally click on the Save to folder button to create the job.

    Create Save To Folder Job

Check job status

Go to the Jobs page after submitting save to folder request to check the status of the job.

  1. Click on Jobs button in the Storage page. You will be redirected to the jobs page.
    Jobs Button Click
  2. If value of Status column is SUCCEEDED, you can find your transformed images in the selected destination folder.
    'Save To Folder' Success Job


Click here to learn more about the Save To Folder job.

Warm Up Cache

You can "warm up the cache" when storing your transformed images in a folder.

This essentially creates a cache entry of the output image. This will result in faster reaction time for already transformed images, as well as reduced latency and improved performance.

Warm Up Cache

Click here to learn more about PixelBin caching mechanism.

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