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PixelBin provides the ability to remove image watermarks directly within a Photoshop app using its plugin.


You would need an API Token to connect the plugin with your PixelBin account. Learn more.


The plugin can be downloaded and installed from the Adobe Creative Cloud platform or the official GitHub page.


  1. When you open the plugin, you will find four entry points. Click on the entry point to open the main panel.

    Entry points
  2. After that log in using your organization's API token. You can get the API token from here.

    Enter the token and click on the Submit button. This will open the main form.

    Log in
  3. Select a Photoshop layer, update parameters as required and click on the Apply button.

    This will create a new Pixel Layer with the transformed output and the original layer will become invisible.


    To understand the parameters and their values, go to the transformation.

    Before transformation
  4. The new layer will have the original layer's name with - transformed attached.

    After transformation

Advanced Settings

In addition to the basic settings for the plugin, a user can use the Advanced Settings option to provide fine-grain control over the area in which the watermark is to be removed.


Click here to learn more about the box settings and their usage.

Steps to remove the watermark partially.

  1. Click on the Draw button of the plugin. This will create a rectangle vector layer, sized according to the document.
  2. Resize the rectangle to cover the portion of the layer that needs to be watermark removed.
  3. Click on the Apply button to remove the watermarks within the box(s) area.


Furthermore, you can check your current credit information in the panel, below the main form.

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