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Configuring a Zone

On the PixelBin Platform, you can create and configure multiple zones.

To check all your configured zones, go to the Zones page.

Zones List Page

A zone by the name of Default is already created for an organization. This zone points to the PixelBin Storage library and is linked to the Default datasource.

An organization can only have a maximum of 50 zones at any given time.

Creating a Zone

First, navigate to the Zones tab and click the Create Zone button. This will redirect you to the Zones Form page.

'Create Zone' Button Click

The creation of the zone is divided into 4 sub-sections:

  1. General
  2. Optimization
  3. Worker
  4. Transformations


The 'General' section contains the basic information (name, unique identifier and the linked datasource) related to the zone.

Create Zone - General Section
  1. Enter a name for the zone. The name should comprise alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores.
  2. Enter the slug value or use the placeholder one. The slug is the unique identifier for a zone. Once created, it cannot be changed later. The default zone has no slug parameter.
  3. Select a pre-configured datasource to link to this zone.
  4. An optional fallback datasource can also be selected.
Fallback Datasource

As the name implies a fallback datasource is used to get a file if the file is not found in the primary datasource.

First, the primary datasource is checked for the existence of the file. If it is found, then the primary datasource will be used to get the file.

If the file is not found in the primary datasource, then the fallback datasource will be checked for the same.

If the file is also not found in the fallback datasource, then the CDN URL will return a 404 status code.


The Optimization section is used to set up optimizations for the images delivered over the Zone URL.

  • Format Optimization: There are two options to optimize image formats in PixelBin.

    1. Use best format for image delivery: This setting delivers images in the most optimized format to the requesting device. This setting works with URL based parameter f_auto=true

    2. Force best format for image delivery: This setting automatically delivers the best image format for all images in the zone. When you use this setting, you no longer have to use the query parameter f_auto=true in the Zone URL.

  • Quality Optimization: This setting allows you to set default quality compression when delivering images. The quality value will not affect the original delivered images.

Go to Format Optimization and Quality Optimization to know more.


The 'Worker' section is currently used for transforming the dynamic part of the CDN URL. It is extremely useful for switching between file delivery platforms.

Click here to know more about how to use Worker.


The 'Transformations' section provides fine-grained control over which set of transformations can be applied over a Zone CDN URL. By default, all transformations are allowed for a zone.

Create Zone - Transformations Section

A zone must contain the name, the slug value and the linked datasource.

Editing a Zone

Once you create a zone, it will appear in the list of zones. You can click on an existing zone and edit its details when required.

You can edit pretty much all information in a zone except for the slug value.


You cannot edit the name and linked datasource of the Default zone.

Enabling or Disabling a Zone

In case you wish to deactivate a zone, use the toggle button to disable the zone.

You can use the same toggle button to enable the zone and fetch the images using that zone.

Zone toggle enable/disable

You cannot enable/disable the Default zone.

Deleting a Zone

You can at any point in time delete a created zone.

Zone delete

You cannot delete the Default zone.

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