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Format Optimization

PixelBin's format optimization feature delivers each image to the end user in the right format based on their device and browser capabilities. For example, if your audience is using Google Chrome the below image is delivered in WebP format, but if they use Safari the image will be delivered in JPEG format.

Image URL:,w:500)/images/doc-samples/brahmos.jpeg

The right image format reduces image size, speeds up the website and improves the user experience without sacrificing image quality. Different browsers support a variety of image formats such JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, AVIF and more. Newer image formats such as WebP and AVIF deliver smaller and faster images however they are not yet widely supported across all devices and browsers.

How to Optimize Image Formats in PixelBin

PixelBin's Image Optimization setting is available in Zones under Optimisation.

There are two options to optimize image formats in PixelBin:

Automatic format selection with f_auto URL parameter

Create Zone - Optimisation Section -- Use Best Format

Enable the USE BEST FORMAT FOR IMAGE DELIVERY setting to deliver images in the right format for the requesting device. This setting works with URL based parameter f_auto=true

The below Default Zone URL shows how the f_auto parameter is used in the Zone URL to automatically select the best image format:,w:500)/images/doc-samples/brahmos.jpeg

Forcing automatic format selection

Create Zone - Optimisation Section -- Force Best Format

Enable the FORCE BEST FORMAT FOR IMAGE DELIVERY setting to automatically deliver the best image format for all images in the zone.

When you use this setting, you no longer have to use the query parameter f_auto=true in the Zone URL.

Learn more about Zones here.

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