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Structure of Custom Domain URL

The Custom Domain CDN URL that is used to transform or deliver assets has the following structures.


Each PixelBin CDN URL is a Zone URL. If a PixelBin CDN URL does not have the ZONE_SLUG parameter, that means that it is a Default Zone URL.



The domain that you chose to use with PixelBin. To learn more about the Custom Domains, click here.


The pattern parameter corresponds to the transformations that need to be applied to the input file. You can apply a single transformation or a combination of transformations, add-ons and presets. Learn more.

If the original keyword is used in place of the pattern, the returned file will be the original asset without any modifications.


The relative path of the file from the root folder of the storage along with the extension.


Unique ID of a zone if using external storage to deliver a file. The default zone has no slug parameter.

For more information on optional parameters, CDN Response, transformation patterns or transforming Images using URL which is common to both the Custom Domain CDN URL and the PixelBin CDN URL, please refer to the URL Structure guide.


Let's say you have a custom domain and you want to deliver the file logo.png from the root folder of the storage. Following are some examples for possible PixelBin CDN URLs and their equivalent Custom Domain CDN URLs.

CDN URL for default Zone

CDN URL for default Zone with URL Translation Worker

CDN URL for non-default Zone

CDN URL for non-default Zone with URL Translation Worker

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