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Configuring Custom Domain with PixelBin

This guide will help you create and delete a Custom Domain with PixelBin.


  • You have a PixelBin account.
  • You have a domain that you own and control.
  • You have contacted PixelBin Support to enable custom domains for your account.

Create a Custom Domain

Create a CNAME Record with your DNS Provider

Create a CNAME record with your DNS provider. The CNAME record should point to Replace with your own subdomain. CNAME

You might need to wait a few minutes for the DNS records to propagate. You can use tools like whatsmydns to verify the DNS record is configured and has started propagating across the world.

You can find the documentation for your DNS provider below:

CloudFlare User?

If you are using CloudFlare as your DNS provider, make sure that proxy status for the CNAME is set to "bypass" and not "proxied".

Add Custom Domain to PixelBin

Creating a Custom Domain
  1. Log in to your PixelBin account.
  2. Click on the Settings button.
  3. Navigate to Domains.
  4. Click on Create button.
  5. Enter your custom domain in the Domain field.
  6. Click on Save button.
  7. You will see a Deploying status for your custom domain. It might take a few minutes for the status to change to Active. You can refresh the page to see the updated status.
  8. Once the status is Active, you can access your assets on PixelBin using your custom domain, for more information about the URL structure, please refer to the Custom Domain URL Structure guide.

Delete a Custom Domain

Deleting a Custom Domain
  1. Log in to your PixelBin account.
  2. Click on the Settings button.
  3. Navigate to Domains.
  4. Click on the Custom Domain you want to delete
  5. Click on Delete button.

Automatic Certificate Management

PixelBin will manage SSL certificate issuance and renewal for your custom domain. Your certificate will be registered for 90 days and then automatically renewed every 60 days. Failure to ensure that the CNAME record remains correctly configured will result in failure in SSL certificate renewal.

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