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Cache Purging

PixelBin provides options to clear caches of a particular file or multiple files at the same time.


The cache can only be purged at the zone level. Click here to learn more about zones.

Steps to clear the cache of a zone

  1. Navigate to one of the zones within the dashboard.
  2. Click on Purge Cache at the top right corner of the page.
    'Purge Cache' button click
  3. Enter the file URLs for which you want to clear the cache. You can enter multiple URLs separated by a new line, and a maximum of 20 URLs can be submitted in a single request.
    'Purge Cache' form
  4. Click on Purge to create a 'purge cache' request. It will usually take a few minutes to clear depending on the size of the cache.

Purge cache for multiple files

You can purge the cache for multiple files either by listing down all the URLs or by appending the wildcard * character to the end of a directory.

Purge all zone cache

You can use the special characters /* to purge all the cache of a zone. When /* is one of the items in the URL list, then other URLs are ignored.

A URL path must meet the following conditions to be valid:

  1. A path should start with a forward slash /.
  2. A path must contain the applied transformation or the original keyword.
  3. If a path is complete, (i.e., it ends with an extension) then it must not have a wildcard.
  4. If a path contains a wildcard, then the wildcard must appear at the end of a directory.

Click Purge and allow a few minutes for the cache to clear. It would be best if you refresh the dashboard to get the updated cache clear status.


If any one path is invalid, the request will be rejected.


Clearing the cache through the dashboard does not clear the cache within the user's browser. It only removes the cache for the URLs at the CDN and PixelBin's internal cache. The browser cache is cleared only when the file associated with the URL expires or is forcefully cleared by the end user.

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