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The PixelBin CLI is a command-line interface tool that you use to transform locally stored images directly from a command shell.


To process your images you will need a PixelBin API key. You can find the API key in your settings under Tokens.

Installing PixelBin CLI

  1. Go to the Tools & APIs page on the PixelBin website.
    PixelBin CLI
  2. Download and install PixelBin CLI based on your OS.

CLI Options

AliasDescriptionDefault Value
--version-VOutput the version number
--key-kAPI key
--pattern-tInput transformation pattern to transform image(s)
--input-iInput directory pathCurrent directory
--output-oOutput directory athCurrent directory
--industry-type-tIndustry type. Specify the industry type to choose the fine-tuned model for that particular domain.general
--verbose-vDisplay additional details about internal operations during execution.false
--help-hShows a help message for this command in the console.

Applying transformations with PixelBin CLI

You can apply transformations on all the images in one directory and save the transformed images in another.

<PixelBin CLI> -k <API Key> -t <Transformation> -i <Input Directory> -o <Output Directory>

The following video demonstrates how to apply transformations on your images using PixelBin CLI.

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