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Transform your eCommerce store into a personalized shopping destination with generative AI! Create captivating product image backgrounds that are tailored to each of your customer’s unique preferences. With a visual experience that is second to none, you can drive better engagement and conversion rates for your business like never before. Join us in the generative AI revolution today!

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Product Prompt

Generate appealing backgrounds that complement the main object and drive customer conversion rates.

Background Prompt

Create striking background-centric images, tailor-made for storefront appeal, to captivate your buyers’ attention.

Negative  Prompt

Eliminate distractions and create a clean, attention-grabbing visual that effectively sells your product to your target audience.

Seed Value

Generate high-quality image variations by selecting different seed values and come up with the best product visual for your business

100 Prompt Guide For Background Creation

Now you can say goodbye to dull product visuals, monotonous marketing copies, and time-consuming product photography sessions. empowers you to create stunning, immersive visuals for your products, capturing your customer’s attention and driving sales like never before. Unlock the power of generative AI and see your business thrive in the exciting world of eCommerce using these 100 useful prompt ideas for creating amazing product visuals. Simply give these prompts a try by clicking below, and experience the incredible results on your own.

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Asked Questions

We've put together a list of commonly asked questions from our community. If you still can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or check out our documentation for more information.

How does the AI-powered generative background creator work?

The generative background creator works on a text-to-image model using stable diffusion technology. Users can use the tool to generate aesthetic and attractive backgrounds for product images that sell in the current market. Follow the below steps for a better understanding:
Log in with your personal information and access the generative background creator.
Upload the product image, on which you want to add a background.
Enter a prompt in the background prompt option, describing the type of background you want to generate.
Select the focus area for the image among the product and background options.
Enter a negative prompt, if any, to eliminate any unwanted elements from the visual.
Experiment with multiple seed values to get different variations of the generated background. By default, the output is generated on a 123 value.
Choose the final visual that best suits your requirements.
Download the final visual.

Can the generative background creator generate backgrounds for any type of image?

Yes, the generative background creator can generate backgrounds for PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP image formats. Users can upload their product images, and the AI-powered model will generate a background that complements the product.

How accurate is the generative background creator's ability to generate backgrounds based on user prompts?

The generative background creator's accuracy in generating backgrounds based on user prompts is very high, as it uses a state-of-the-art text-to-image model. Users can experiment with multiple seed values to generate variations in output until they find the visual that best suits their requirements.

Can users eliminate any elements from the generated background using the negative prompt feature?

Yes, users can use the negative prompt feature to eliminate any unwanted elements from the generated background. This feature ensures that the final visual is tailored to the user's specific requirements

Is the generative background creator easy to use for non-technical users?

Yes, the generative background creator is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use for non-technical users. Users can simply upload their product image, enter a prompt, select the focus area, use the negative prompt feature if needed, experiment with multiple seed values, and download the final visual that suits their requirements.

Are there any restrictions on the type of prompt that users can enter for generating backgrounds?

There are no specific restrictions on the type of prompt that users can enter for generating backgrounds. However, prompts that are more descriptive and specific tend to yield better results. So, it is recommended that you enter appropriate details that explain your imagination well and ensure a great output. It is also suggested that you should not keep the prompt too long or too short, so as to make the tool understand your requirement in a precise way.

What happens if a user's credits are exhausted while using the generative background creator?

Once a user's credits are exhausted, they will need to purchase more credits to continue using the generative background creator. The payment terms for purchasing additional credits will depend on the pricing structure of the platform offering the generative background creator.

What is the credit in PixelBin’s background generator?

Credit is the unit used to measure service usage, representing how much of the PixelBin services you have consumed during a particular transformation. The value of credits varies depending on the type of transformation that you are performing via PixelBin. For instance, a single background generation consumes approximately 6 credits in the free plan, which provides a total of 45 credits.

Can users create customized visuals using the generative background creator?

Yes, users can create customized visuals using the generative background creator. They can experiment with different prompts, focus areas, and seed values to generate unique and personalized visuals that match their specific requirements.

Is it possible to generate bulk backgrounds using the same prompt?

Yes, it is possible to generate bulk backgrounds using the same prompt. Users can specify the number of backgrounds they want to generate, and the generative background creator will use the same prompt to generate multiple backgrounds with different seed values. This feature is useful for creating a batch of visuals with a consistent theme or style.

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