An automobile case study

How Auto Business Streamlined Workflows to Save 10 Hours Every Week



Features Enrolled

  • Window Transparency Detection
  • Number Plate Masking
  • Shadow Creation


Reduced Image Load Time


Images Transformed in Seconds


Boost in Website Performance


23% efficiency boost in media management with PixelBin

100% ROI unlocked with PixelBin's assistance in the auto sector

With effective image optimization strategies, you can streamline your media operations and improve your digital footprint. PixelBin does exactly that for an automobile business, and the results speak for themselves. Our potential client experienced an 18% boost in site performance after bulk transforming over 1000 visuals with PixelBin.As images play a crucial role in making your business stand out online, this auto firm took a chance by integrating our machine-learning powered platform to automate routine tasks. This allowed them to focus on overall productivity, breaking the odds and standing out digitally.

What will you uncover with this case study:

  • Challenges encountered while editing over 10K images
  • Iksula's strategies for overall cost optimization
  • Specific PixelBin features that elevated Iksula's brand presence
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Features Implemented

Detection Number plate
Window transparency
Shadow creation
AI Background Removal
Smart Image Resize

Key Results

PixelBin revolutionized media asset workflow in the automotive business. This led to a drastic reduction in the image load time with correct image optimization practices. This involved resizing images per the marketplace criteria and placing them in the lightweight format for an improved site performance. Optimizing images exceptionally did well for the company's SEO scores as well, enabling engagement with the targeted audience. Our client was further able to

  • Reduce the listing time to 1-2 minutes
  • Substantially increase the image quality per catalogue
  • Automate the image listing journey with presets
  • Optimize images in bulk
  • Streamline the overall image management process