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Our tools are already popular, with over 15 million monthly active users.

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Earn a 30% flat commission for a lifetime (no limits or caps). Refer once and earn for as long as your customer uses any of our tools

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Ready-to-Use Marketing Materials

Access ready-made tool descriptions, email copy, social media posts, graphics, and viral video templates. Plug them into your campaigns and start converting users from day one!

30-Day Cookie Duration

Convert users to paying customers with a generous 30-day cookie window.

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Monitor your earnings and plan your next steps with confidence using our real-time tracking dashboard.

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Need assistance? Our Pixelbin team is just a message away. Your personal account manager is ready to help you with any questions or issues.

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What Other Affiliates Are Saying

Alex R.

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"Pixelbin's tools are very intuitive and super easy to use. I used their marketing collateral to create my own unique content, and my audience loved these tools! I have earned over $5100 in the first three months"

Chris M.

Tech Reviewer and Digital Marketer

"Pixelbin's tools are helping me make a steady income. It has been relatively easy to convert users into paying customers due to the effectiveness of these tools. They even give you early access to some upcoming tools."

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We've put together a list of commonly asked questiozns from our community. If you still can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or check out our documentation for more information.

What commission do I receive?

You get up to 30% commission on each sale. For example:

  • A monthly subscription for 100 credits ($19) earns you $5.70 each month.
  • A pay-as-you-go subscription for 300 credits ($99) earns you $29.70 per purchase.

What counts as a sale?

Any payment made by a user who signed up through your link, including:

  • One-off purchases
  • Monthly/yearly renewals
  • Payments from subscription plan changes

Do I get commissions for subscriptions every month?

Yes, you'll earn commissions on recurring subscriptions as long as the user stays subscribed.

What if someone signs up but doesn't purchase?

You earn commissions only when a user makes a purchase, not just for signing up.

What if someone already has an account?

Commissions are only for new users who sign up and purchase through your link.

What if someone pays in a different currency?

Commissions are based on the USD equivalent of the sale amount, no matter the currency.

What if someone cancels and resubscribes later?

If a customer cancels their subscription and then resubscribes using your referral link, you will earn commissions on the new subscription.

Do I lose commissions if someone cancels their subscription?

Yes, if a customer cancels their subscription, you will stop earning commissions from their payments.

What happens if a customer pauses their subscription?

If a customer pauses their subscription, commissions will be paused as well. You will resume earning commissions once the subscription is reactivated.

Can I earn commissions if a customer switches to a different plan?

Yes, if a customer switches to a different plan, you will continue to earn commissions on the new plan as long as they remain subscribed.

What if a customer cancels and then signs up with a different referral link?

If a customer cancels and then signs up again using a different referral link, the new affiliate will earn the commissions for that subscription.

How are refunds handled?

If a customer requests a refund, any commission earned from that sale will be deducted from your account balance.

Do I earn commissions on partial refunds?

If a customer receives a partial refund, your commission will be adjusted proportionally based on the refund amount.

What if a customer downgrades their plan?

If a customer downgrades their plan, your commission will adjust to reflect the new, lower subscription amount.

Is there a grace period for cancellations?

No, commissions are stopped immediately once a customer cancels their subscription.

How can I promote my affiliate link?

  • Blogging and Videos: Show how PixelBin tools work and their benefits.
  • Link in Your App or Product: Integrate your affiliate link if your users need digital asset management.
  • Talk to Your Network: Recommend PixelBin tools to customers and partners when discussing digital solutions.
  • Create Guides or Courses: Educate your audience on how PixelBin tools can enhance their workflow.
  • Interviews and Case Studies: Share real-life success stories with PixelBin tools.
  • Reviews and Comparisons: Highlight PixelBin’s advantages over other tools.
  • Build an Email List: Regularly update subscribers with PixelBin promotions.
  • Offer Educational Resources: Provide training or coaching on using PixelBin tools.

How is credit given for sales?

We make sure to credit your efforts fairly in two ways:

  • First Touch: You get credit if you were the first to introduce the user to our tools with your referral link.
  • Last Touch: You get credit if your referral link was the last one the user clicked before making a purchase.

What marketing assets can I use?

You can use banners, text links, illustrations, tutorial videos, and social media posts provided by PixelBin.

How do I disclose sponsored content?

Be transparent. Use hashtags like #sponsored or #ad on social media, and clearly disclose in blog posts and videos. Follow local regulations and our guidelines.

What kind of advertisement is not allowed?

Don't promote your affiliate link through:

  • Third-party ad networks
  • Affiliate networks
  • PPC ads
  • Coupon or discount websites
  • Toolbar-fueled websites
  • Gambling or gaming sites
  • False promises or cashback schemes
  • Unsolicited messages (spam)
  • Anything that violates the law or our agreement

How much commission do we provide?

PixelBin offers up to 30% commission on referrals, giving you great earning potential.

How long do you earn with our affiliate program?

Our program offers lifetime commissions. As long as the referred customers keep buying, you keep earning.

How do I track my affiliate earnings?

Use the PixelBin affiliate dashboard to track your earnings in real time. You’ll see detailed reports and analytics to monitor your performance.

What payment methods are available for affiliate commissions?

We offer Paddle and Stripe. Choose your preferred method in your account settings.

Are there any restrictions on who can become an affiliate?

We welcome applications from around the world, but there are some guidelines and restrictions. Check our terms and conditions for more info.

Can I promote PixelBin on multiple platforms or websites?

Yes! Promote PixelBin on blogs, social media, YouTube, and other platforms to maximize your earnings.

Do you provide affiliate support and resources?

Absolutely! You’ll have access to a dashboard, promotional materials, and a support team to help you with any questions or concerns.