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Simplify Digital Asset Management for your Business

Simplify Digital Asset Management for your Business

Digital asset management can be complex and daunting for businesses of any size. Thankfully, there are ways to simplify the process and make it more manageable. In this post, we'll explore one such method: advanced search. Advanced search features allow you to quickly find the files you need without wading through a mountain of data. So let's get started!

Have you ever been in a situation where searching for an asset has felt like finding a needle in a haystack? It's common to spend time tracking down old assets only to discover they needed re-creating. Managing digital files can be difficult and time-consuming if you're a business with a large online presence or an eCommerce store. That can be frustrating and lead to delays - but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the advanced search feature, managing your files can become easier. It is a powerful tool that helps you quickly and easily find the files when you need them. But what do you mean by advanced search?

How does an Advanced Search Work?

When you search for a specific term, the default search works with a simple algorithm that returns the files and folders starting with the text you input in the box. But, most of the time it is not what we are searching for, and that’s where intelligent search comes in. If you wish to be more specific with your search, you can use the filter option, which involves interesting and specific inputs that bring you closer to what you’re looking for. Hopefully, we’d have advanced search options in real-life, saving us time.’s advanced search option allows you to find even the oldest asset stored in your library. It has options where you can perform search actions with file type, uploaded date, an approximate size that you remember, and size format. If you wish to reset the entire search to its default values, you can simply press reset, and it’ll bring you to the starting point.

Making Filter Combinations

To ease up the search process around bulky storage, you can make filter combinations to find the exact files. Combining filters is very easy and does not take much of your time. It helps create quick results and requires minimal effort. All you need to do is brainstorm the idea of searching for the required file.

Use Case: Suppose you have to search for all PNG files whose size format is in MB. You can simply apply the advanced filter search and input the values.

Pixelbin sorage Screen page to change MB

The result will be generated according to the input values. All the PNG files of sizes in MB will appear on your screen, and you can select whichever file you require. If you want to optimize all the images together, you can do that in just a click by selecting all images at once.

In pixelbin in my laibrary page open

Why Would You Need Intelligent Search?

Clear the Digital Clutter in a Snap

Keep your organization's look fresh by easily deleting outdated materials from your media storage. Easily select the custom range in the upload_date option to select the timeline that locates all files that need to be deleted across any platform Mac or Windows. You're all set! It is an intelligent way to ensure customers always get an up-to-date experience when interacting with brand creatives is just one step away. Press 'Delete' after selecting multiple collaterals using the checkbox on the top right corner of every asset or simply press the item selected option at the bottom to select all at once. So why wait? Get rid of those dusty assets today and declutter in one go.

Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

Advanced Search makes it easy to collaborate amongst the internal teams. Simply copy the URL for your search query and share it with anyone who can view dashboards. You can seamlessly keep every member in the organization who has access on the same page and communicate much more effectively.

Distribute the Content Across Channels

Your media storage is a powerful tool to help you optimize and customize your images in no time. Get instant access to high-quality, tailored image URLs with automatic compression, plus 40+ real-time transformation options like resizing, cropping, rotating, or adding text/overlays from the URL itself. Here, you can easily play with the images without solely depending on the graphics team and get things sorted independently.

By now, you know the ins and outs of simplifying digital asset management within your organization through’s Advanced Search functionality.It is a useful and very helpful feature for businesses that deal with huge image data every day. You can explore more by signing up on and trying it out yourself!