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Looking to optimize your collaterals? Here are a few questions that your profile should answer before we accept your affiliate partnership.

Does my target audience match PixelBin's?

If you cater to business professionals searching for sophisticated solutions or aiming to streamline their workflows through efficient digital asset management, then partnering with PixelBin's affiliate program is the optimal choice. This demographic can include:

  • Startup owners
  • eCommerce professionals
  • Digital marketers
  • Online marketplace owners
  • Solopreneurs/individuals/freelancers
  • Artists/photographers
  • Visual editors
  • AI enthusiasts

Do I need to own a website or social media handles?

For your application to be considered, you need to have an active website, along with any social media handles you might possess. While typically we insist on having a website, we also provide some flexibility. If your primary platform is a YouTube channel or a social media community filled with relevant content and decent amount of followers, your application would likely get approved.

Is my website free from quality glitches?

When it comes to onboarding as an affiliate, various website issues can hinder or restrict the process. You must ensure and crosscheck the below before joining our affiliate program, which would give better clarity on both the sides.

Here are some potential concerns that you can answer before joining as a PixelBin’s affiliate:

Is my site active?

We would be unable to evaluate your website’s content if it is still in the development phase. You must ensure that your website is updated with all your requirements, so that it gives us a chance to go through your website and assess accordingly.

Do my links work?

We do not want any of the visitors should face issues with broken links that lead to nowhere.  Hence, your website must have updated links. Even if the user lands on a 404 page, it must be optimized with,

  • A user-friendly search bar.
  • Relevant redirection links.
  • Should have a touch of your brand's USP.

Is my site mobile-friendly?

A mobile-friendly site is a must today since most people browse the web on their mobile phones. It can be a major red flag to both of our services if your website isn’t responsive to mobile devices. So, to stop the user detraction rate from your website, you must get it properly tested, providing a great user experience.

Is the website updated frequently with fresh content?

Many times zero activity on the website can lead to significant drops in users. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep your website updated with fresh content. It is easier for your application to get approved with relevant and updated content.

Is there any placeholder text?

Whenever you create a new website, likely, a placeholder is accidentally left off on any of your web pages. It creates a bad impression on the user visiting your website. Hence, you should always double-check your webpages despite getting the entire site tested.

Does your website run too many ads that align with PixelBin’s offerings?

Too many ads cause a distraction for a visitor and are not considered among the best practices for running a website. Also, refrain from adding promotions that align exactly with PixelBin offerings, as it would hinder the sale of our services.

Is the content relevant to PixelBin offerings on my website?

We anticipate that a minimum of 60% of your content aligns with PixelBin's offerings, encompassing areas like image transformation, editing capabilities, digital asset handling, image optimization, enhancement, CDN delivery, and real-time image modifications. If your content touches on these subjects or related themes, we warmly invite you to apply to our affiliate program.

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