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How Intelligent Crop Can Enable Responsive Images for your eCommerce Business?

How Intelligent Crop Can Enable Responsive Images for your eCommerce Business?

Real-time applications for various websites and mobile applications using the intelligent crop feature by A Step-by-Step approach to boost your eCommerce business.

Challenges in Regular Cropping

Images create a visual impact on the user’s buying perspective and, thus, play an important role in building successful websites and apps. You would never imagine even a static website or app to be full of content but none of the images. Images are the future of content that help engage a person to stay longer hours on your website and attract them to know about your product even more.

But what are you doing to make your images perfect in every aspect? How often have you spent hours editing 100 images, but it still failed you with poor results? The large database of images and videos on a website only reflects the chances of opportunity for your business.

It demands awesome page responsiveness for every user who uses different devices, directing toward a great user experience. In other words, the image should load faster on a mobile device as it requires a smaller image size than a desktop image.Usually, regular cropping fails due to the default cropping strategy, i.e., center image cropping.

The default cropping strategy works by focusing on the center of the image and eliminating the edges. The strategy, undoubtedly, works great for certain images but fails when the object to be focussed isn’t in the center. Here, we need to apply smart cropping techniques that detect the presence of a specific object in the image and focus on that part only.

What is Intelligent Crop?

The intelligent crop is an AI-based feature that simplifies the workload of a user. It is an automated image cropping facet that intelligently identifies the content in an image and focuses on the most important part required to be cropped.

The ultimate purpose of having this aspect in your image editing process is to save hours of editing work and render quality images. You can easily use this feature for your online business to crop images in bulk and edit them according to the theme of your website for better audience engagement.

Need for Smart Crop

As a website owner, you might be familiar with the importance of delivering well-cropped images, focusing on the USP of your product. This is because images are crucial in creating the product’s final purchase value. At last, you would always want your product to sell, requiring perfect image display and storage. Here, the feature ‘intelligent crop’ comes into being. You can very well arrange multiple images for your site with perfectly cropped edges. This helps maintain consistency throughout every picture. Look at these images and observe the difference:

1. Original image: without any transformation

Original image: without any transformation

2. Regular Cropped Image Manually

2. Regular Cropped Image Manually

3. Smart Cropped Image focusing on face: the intelligent crop feature by detects the object type automatically and crops it perfectly using AI

 Smart Cropped Image focusing on face

Since it was all about a single image, to run an eCommerce website, you require bulk image cropping with a fixed aspect ratio and other parameters. Here, you will require dedicated software that provides quality results in terms of intelligent image cropping.

This is because it will be very time-consuming to crop individual images and then upload them again on the website. Here’s why you should opt for to perform precision cropping on your images, along with its other unique features.Why use for the intelligent crop?

What is is an AI-based multimedia transformation platform that provides user-friendly tools to store, transform, and deliver high-quality images. It can be easily used by users who do not possess a technical background but know the specifics of what they want to achieve with particular image transformations.

It helps transform images in real-time with automatic optimization, allowing the user to save lots of time and work smartly. It is an all-in-one platform for image transformations without hampering the quality of that image. It contains powerful and unique features to render a seamless experience on a single platform.

  • Digital Asset Management: Store — Manage — Transform
  • Image Enhancements: High-quality and AI-powered image transformations — Optimize images
  • CDN: Better Web Performance — Improved experience — Reduced storage needs
  • Developed for Everyone: Individuals, Professionals, eCommerce, Enterprise

Why use

Get a much better image with’s transformational feature — Intelligent Crop. It is AI-powered and can be added along with other transformations to create a perfect image. It uses an algorithm that helps identify the object type and automatically crops it in the preferred direction.

Here, if you are potentially aware of what ratio or objects you want to extract from your image, it will prove to be the best tool for your work. Even if you do not know what you want to do next, browsing the tool will give you the best idea for image cropping. So, here’s why you should choose for smart image cropping:

  • Bulk image cropping
  • High-quality results
  • Precision-based performance
  • AI-powered
  • Automatic object detection
  • Sharp focus on the object type
  • Detects multiple objects in a single image
  • Supports png, jpeg, jpg, webp image formats

Best Way to Use Intelligent Crop by

Method 1: The Image Upload Method is an easy-to-use tool that contains a simple layout with understandable terms. You can easily navigate around the tabs on the extreme top and start using its features. The intelligent crop is one of its transformation features that help crop multiple images smartly. You can follow these steps to start working on

Step 1: Open


Step 2: Click “try for Free, “ and you’ll be redirected to’s playground where you can play around with the options available

Pixelbin playground to play with options

Step 3: Next, on the left side of the screen, you will see an add transformations option. Upon clicking, many transformations will pop up on a screen, where you’ll find the intelligent crop

You will find the intelligent crop option on the transformation option

Step 4: Click on the “+ Add,” and you’ll have the intelligent crop feature enabled for images like this.

Cick on +add to enable intelligent crop.

Step 5: You can set the desired aspect ratio for your image and select the focus on the image, preferred direction, and the type of object you want to crop. Apply all these changes and refresh the image. You’ll have the cropped image as per your selection.

For instance, let’s perform a sample crop to see how the feature works. Here we have taken,

Required Width: 500 px

Required Height: 500 pxAspect Ratio: (blank) (If you are defining the height and width of the image, you need not set the aspect ratio and vice versa)

Gravity Towards: Face

Preferred Direction: North

Object Type: Person


Set the desired ratio and type the object you want to crop.


Condition 1: If you set the values of width or height more than that of the original dimensions of the image — It will deliver the maximum possible width or height for the image. The other parameter will remain the same unless maintain aspect ratio is checked, where it’ll consider the original aspect ratio of the image.

Example:Original Image with No Paramter Passed:

Changing height and witdth in

Transformed Image with Set Width and Height More than the Original:

Transformed image with height and width

Condition 2: If maintain aspect ratio is checked, it will try to maintain the same aspect ratio as your image. Even if you set one of the width or height parameters, it will automatically calculate the other one in comparison with the original aspect ratio .

Example: Transformed Image with Aspect Ratio Checked:

Transformed Image with Aspect Ratio Checked

Transformed Image with Aspect Ratio Checked and One Parameter Passed:

Transformed Image with Aspect Ratio Checked and One Parameter Passed:

Condition 3: If both width and height are passed— both aspect ratio and maintain aspect ratio will be disabled as they will be of no use.

Transformed Image with Set Width and Height; Disabled Aspect Ratio and Maintain Aspect Ratio:

Disabled Aspect Ratio and Maintain Aspect Ratio

Condition 4: If none of the dimensional parameters are passed, it’ll intelligently crop the image as per the object type, gravity, and direction

Transformed Image with no set dimension:

Transformed Image with no set dimension:

Method 2: The URL Method

To extract the URL of an image, you need to click on the footer right below the image, and you’ll have a new tab opened in your browser. The URL can now be edited with smart crop aspects, and you can add or remove the options as per your choice. This feature is highly useful when you need to crop a multitude of images.

All you need to do is make suitable changes in the URL, which will automatically apply to the images associated with the URL upon pressing enter.Here is a sample URL with certain aspect changes for better understanding.

Original Image:

Image of a women standing with flowers in hand

Transformed Image:

Transformed Image

1. To change the width: 300 and direction: north-east, and keeping same the other aspects.

Result Image:

Changing the width of an image

Image URL:,h:500,g:face,d:north_east)/__playground/playground-default.jpeg

2. To set height: 400; width: 400; gravity towards: face; direction: north

Result Image:

Result Image


Likewise, you can experiment with immense options per your requirement on the image and get intelligently cropped results.

CTA: If you want to try out our free services, click here or visit the official website of PixelBin. Sign up for FREE at and enjoy transforming the images.

Applying Intelligent Crop in Real-time

If you are using the default centralized cropping method and expecting results, you are recommended to switch your approach to’s intelligent crop feature. With the real-time cropping method, you can focus on the image's main subject and highlight the required part. If you want to crop a face from a person’s image, you can easily do that with

It contains smart ways to crop your image in real-time automatically. It provides useful techniques for various business verticals and is gradually pacing up with new and advanced features like intelligent cropping of images. Here are a few real-time examples where you can use the intelligent crop as a feature in your business.

eCommerce Websites

The most popular usage of images is calculated among eCommerce websites, where they have an ample amount of images according to different categories. Here, business people require a smart solution where they can store their images and apply transformations to them. is designed for the exact same reason where you can manage and organize your content at a large scale. The intelligent crop is an add-on feature in that focuses on a specific object, identifies it, and crops. Let’s understand with an example.Here we will take an image of a girl with a handbag and apply the intelligent crop method on it to highlight the handbag.

Original Image:

Original Image

Intelligently Cropped Image:

Intelligently Cropped Image

Following the above steps (with either of the methods) on using to crop your image, we have extracted the handbag’s image by focusing on it being the gravity object. Similarly, if you want exact aspects for multiple images to upload on your eCommerce page, you can save this as a preset and follow the same steps for bulk transformation.

Content and Travel Websites

You always require images that fit perfectly with your blog's theme, effects, and content. Even when the image fits in with your blog, its lack of dynamicity in size results in poor responses on different devices. So, you need perfect images that fit in and respond accurately to multiple devices, which can be created using in no time.

Please register with us today for free and avail unique features for your content business websites. You can easily use erase if you are searching to remove background from images in your content or eCommerce — a free property by It helps remove backgrounds from images with precision, where you can also add other different backgrounds per your website's theme.For instance, we have taken an image for a travel website.

Original Image:

Original Image

Image without intelligent crop:

Image without intelligent crop

Image with intelligent crop:

Image with intelligent crop

Creating A Face Thumbnail

So far, we have intelligently cropped objects, but the smart cropping feature by is also designed to crop faces accurately. This feature can create some awesome profile pictures for your social media handles. Intelligent crop extension has an option to gravitate on the face and provide an accurately cropped image that looks similar to the real one. Here are a few examples for better understanding.

Original Image:

original image

Manually Cropped Image:

Manually Cropped image

Using Intelligent Crop: A Perfect Face Thumbnail

Image cropped using intelligent crop

CTA: Try it out for yourself by registering here!

Integrating Erase. bg with Intelligent Crop

You can easily transform your image as per your requirements with, which further allows you to remove the background from that image. If in case you require a transformed image for a backpack, you can use to perform the intelligent crop and apply background removal with How? Let’s understand step-by-step.

Step 1: Sign up with and upload the desired image. Here we have taken a product’s image.

Original image:

A picture with plain yellow background

Step 2: Set the necessary options among width, height, aspect ratio, gravity, direction, and object type. Apply the measures that you want in your image and refresh. You’ll have the transformed image with the desired settings.

Transformed image:

Transformed image with desired setting

Step 3: After completing the intelligent crop, you’ll again see an option to “add transformation. “ Click on it and scroll for erase. bg. Once you add as your second transformation, it’ll ask you to select the industry type for which you want the image. Select eCommerce, and you’ll have your background removed on the intelligently cropped image.

Background removed image:

Background removed image

Future of Intelligent Crop

No further questions need to be asked on updating the eCommerce websites manually and getting exhausted. We already know that the amount of image data is increasing daily, and storing, managing, and transforming it individually is time-consuming. Along with quicker operations, we also need to be concerned about the image quality we use for our sites.

After all, your brand depends on the visuals your audience will see on the screen. Hence, using AI-powered tools like to transform images is a wiser move to further organize and store image data at scale. High-quality images play a major role in persuading consumers to buy your product and building trust in your brand.

So we can say that the future of intelligent crop in images is secured with frequent updates and improvements in AI. Data reveals that it saves up to 66% of users' time editing and publishing the perfect version of every product. Therefore, you can only imagine the potential of adding a smart tool to manage your eCommerce business content.