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Image Transformation

PixelBin's image transformations enable you to:

  1. Transform the image size and format based on your platform of choice.
  2. Bring focus on a particular element of the image, apply effects and visual enhancements to bring the best out of the visual.
  3. Automatically remove backgrounds and watermarks in one-click.
  4. Generate fresh images by adding layers such as backgrounds, watermarks and logos on the image.


Playground allows you to experiment with PixelBin's image transformations and see live results. We provide you with a sample image, but you can also upload an image relevant to you and apply the transformations.


If you apply a set of image transformations frequently, you can save them as Presets.

How to use PixelBin Playground

  1. Click on Playground tab. The sample image appears on the screen.

  2. Next, navigate to the left pane to select the transformation you would like to apply to the image.

  3. Update the parameters as needed.

  4. Click the Refresh button to view the changes in your image. Alternatively, switch on the Auto Refresh toggle button to automatically refresh your image.

  5. Click Download to save this image to your local system. You can also use the Image URL to share the transformed image or apply transformations on the fly.

Get Started with Image Transformations

You can transform the images in your PixelBin Storage or update the image URL to transform images dynamically.

1. Transforming images in the Storage

You can start transforming images once you upload them to the Storage. To learn how to add you image file or folders to PixelBin Storage, click here.

  1. To transform an image, click the More options icon on the top-right of the image.

    Upload Source
  2. Next, select Transform from the submenu. This action opens the Playground page for adding transformations.

  3. Navigate to the left pane to select the transformation you would like to apply to the image.

  4. Update required parameters and click on Apply. The transformed image now appears on the screen under the Transformed tab.

  5. Click the Refresh button to view the updates. Alternatively, switch on the Auto Refresh toggle button.

  6. If you would like to view the original image, click on the Original tab.

The following video demonstrates how to transform your images:

PixelBin gives you the option to save your transformations as a preset. Learn more about Presets.

2. URL-based transformations

You can also transform images on the go using the image URL. Learn more about URL-based transformations.