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Digital Asset Management

DAM, also known as Digital Asset Management, is a simpler way to streamline your workflow, it will help you in managing and storing your assets through files and folders as it showcases your team’s or an Individual's organized efforts as you can upload multiple images in the same space. DAM will help the user to create individual files & folders as per their projects or campaigns.

The users can create files, folders and zip files as per the date, name and size, so storing the images or finding them when needed becomes easy. Using the Pixelbin library, the user can transform their images with various transformations and save them in a separate file or folder with their respective names or dates.

The user can also modify the URL to develop asset variants for social media purposes such as blogs, websites, e-commerce products, profiles, and more. The Images stored in the Pixelbin storage are available for a lifetime so you can secure your files and folders until it’s not intentionally deleted by the user.

Storage Tab


Uploading and Managing Images

You can simply create your files and folders and store your images in separate folders or you just simply upload them as files. For example, if you are into Marketing or E-commerce and need to create different blogs, you can simply create folders for each blog and store multiple images in a single folder at once.

Share files easily through URLs

The user can simply share the images through URLs. The user can copy the URL link from the image within the folder or directly from the file the user can quickly copy-paste the link and share it with the other team members.

Have your own storage

You will have enough storage to back up all your content within your Pixelbin storage, you don’t need to store anything on your local computer. Users can use Pixelbin’s storage to store their files and folders.

Bulk Transformation

Bulk Transformation is a feature that will help you to transform multiple images at once. You can directly transform the whole folder instead of transforming every single file from the folder. The procedure takes a few clicks and a few seconds. It can be done in simple steps, You need to create a preset with your preferred transformation and then select the folder from the storage and transform it with a few clicks via clicking on Jobs.

Folder Management

You can create folders to organize your assets by tapping on the icon above the media library. This is the easiest way to create folders. The user can download or delete the folder from the options menu navigated next to the folder’s name/title or the user can also simply select the folder and see the options of download and delete both.

Search Files

The menu bar on the right side of the search bar will give options for your file type, you choose the right file type for you (JPEG, PNG or WEBP). You can choose the date or the file size, Once you choose any of these you will be able to find all the folders and files related to the information you provided on the menu bar. This way it becomes easier to search files related to the specific size or date.

Image transformations by modifying URLs.

You can easily make transformations through URLs, just edit your URL and make your preferred changes. For example: A has already transformed an image by re-size an image and wants to add another transformation to it. A just has to copy the URL of the image and modify the URL with the preferred transformation in the URL, and the image will be transformed.

Extra storage with great prices

We have reasonable deals for you where we have more storage with pocket-friendly prices, you can check the prices on the platform and choose your preferred package. You just need to tap on the settings icon and check your preferred package if needed.