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Setup Presets

If you make the same set of transformations often, you have the option to save them as a preset. A preset enables you to apply all your image transformations to multiple assets, and in one go instead of applying required transformations separately.

Save Presets

  1. Navigate to the Presets tab.

  2. Click on Create Preset.

  3. Navigate to the left pane to select the transformation you would like to apply to the image.

  4. Update the parameters for the desired output. Click Apply to save the changes.

  5. Next, select another transformation and update the next set of parameters. Note that the added transformations appear in Transformations list.

    Transformations List

Continue adding transformations until you are ready to save this set of transformations.

  1. Click Save as Preset and type a Preset Name to save the transformations and the parameters

    Transformations List

Once you've saved your preset, you can view the it under the Presets tab.

Transformations List

From here, you can apply or delete the preset, also edit the applied transformations.

Using Presets

The following video tutorial demonstrates how to setup a preset for quicker image workflows: