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API Reference

PixelBin provides admin api to manage your assets.

Postman Collection

All the apis can be found in the postman collection below.

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Swagger Docs

You can access the Swagger Documentation here

Authorization Token

  1. An API Token can be obtained from Pixelbin by creating an App.
  2. All requests require the API token to be provided in Authorization header in the format:
Authorization: Bearer BASE_64_ENCODED_API_TOKEN

For Example, if your API_TOKEN is sample-api-token-b455-7ed478937

Authorization: Bearer c2FtcGxlLWFwaS10b2tlbi1iNDU1LTdlZDQ3ODkzNw==
  1. If not present, Pixelbin throws Invalid authorization token error.


  1. All apis that respond with a list are paginated. It has the following structure:
    1. items: This key contains all the data returned by the api.
    2. page: This has page details.
  2. Page number and page size can be controlled with pageNo and pageSize in query.